fimmtudagur, maí 01, 2014

It's been a while..

and quite a lot has happened since I last blogged. Mainly I went to Paris!!! I also managed to mess up my flickr account so all the photos on my blog have disappeared. I'm working on fixing it, but I also can't be bothered to fix it so my blog will probably be a mess for a little while longer.

In the meantime.. Last year a German publishing company contacted me and asked if I was interested in making cross stitch patterns that would be included in a book, and boy was I ever! The book was published last February, it has a bunch of patterns, made my many talented cross stitchers, to stitch on iphone and ipad covers and it is fabulous!

Link to book site

laugardagur, maí 25, 2013

The Saga of Carl

The most amazing thing happened last Sunday,
something I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams..

The Simpsons went to Iceland!
Icelandic was spoken and Sigur Rós did the score for the episode.
Needless to say this was the best Simpsons episode I have seen in a long long time.





sunnudagur, maí 05, 2013

sunnudagur, mars 31, 2013


Ég elska páskana alveg svakalega

sunnudagur, mars 24, 2013

Niðrí bæ

Ég fór í mína árlegu miðbæjargönguferð seinasta laugardag~

Kertastjakar frá Umemi, frekar flottir

Dömurnar hjá Reykjavík Letterpress eru að gera mjög góða hluti~

Stærsti strompur sem ég hef á ævi minni séð

Skór, ó mæ god KronKron skór